Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ho Ho Ho P.2

I am SOOOOO down with this snow. Can it be spring yet?

To help beat the winter blahs we had a nice little scrap afternoon at CaFabrik.  There I was able to finish my Xmas LOs and was able to do a 2 picture and a 3 picture LO for the year challenge! (You can catch up! Only 3 LOs!)

Here are my quick and dirty LOs:

Oh Christmas Pets:
Hmm... a ruler for my title next time? meh..

Big fan of a light coloured cardstock as the base. I used some glimmer mist and some smooch on it, and then added some water to create some streaking.  Note to self from this experiment; add weight to prevent the paper from curling up on itself. Then used up most of the items from the kit, except the tag that I had somewhere in my pile. 

Untitled (gifts):
Wish he slept now...

Ok – I kinda sorta, but not really, cheated for my no buying scrapbook items this year. I was at a scrap in a store. I purchased 2 pieces of card stock for my bases for this and the following LO.  Besides- it’s not cardstock that I have heaps of, it’s patterned papers.  So that doesn’t count. 

For this one, I took inspiration from an 8 1/2X11 LO from pagemaps.  All items from the kit other than the brads, cardstock and ribbon. And it’s two pictures – woot woot! February challenge met! 

Untitled (g-mas):
Pictures show my mistakes. ah well...

So I haven’t journaled on either of these 2 LOs.  I just do not know what to write. But this one is of the g-mas at DS’s 1st Xmas. 

First I decided a chevron would be nice. After cutting up my strips I stopped and kicked myself for creating more work that was needed. Honestly, why not just make banners instead? But I went on and completed my pattern.  Then I did not want to cover it – I spent so much time to get the chevron on it! There were lovely snowflakes punches available at the mini crop so I decided to take advantage of them. I then remembered that I had Golden Glass Bead Gel in my bags- so using the negative space as a stencil I made some snowflakes:

They are not quite visible on the picture. I added some sort of water soluble crayon Kiki had lying around in her bags, but again, not really noticeable on the picture. 

Then I popped up some flaked and a picture with some foam tape. 

TADA! Three pictures! March challenge= CHECK!

Now I have ideas of what I want to do for my next LOs as I am done the Xmas kit challenge.  Some of them are techniques I have just learned and/or seen online and I am practicing in my art journal. Art journals are great places to try out stuff and not worry about the outcome. It’s a safe place to channel creativity and then you can go back and go – I thought that was good? Ha ha! If you do not try, you will never succeed right? So here’s to trying!

Happy crafting!